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Become the Boss of Your Money 

Unlock Your Financial Future and Reach Higher Levels of Success With Money.

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Your Path to Financial Freedom Starts Here

You Truly Are A Good Boss of Of Your Money.

You Just Need a Little Help.

Are you tired of feeling lost when it comes to managing your money?

I understand the challenges you face, I faced them myself. 


Instead of feeling like your dollars are controlling you. I'm here to guide you towards becoming the boss of every dollar you earn.

Picture a world where managing your finances is as easy as a few clicks.

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With our secure and reputable Money Management Portal, you'll effortlessly sync your accounts and watch transactions fit perfectly into your monthly budget.

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The Pro Money Boss Program is a new way to take control of your finances.


Easily manage your money using digital tools, join live classes, stay on budget, and get personalized coaching.

The Pro Money Boss Program Consist of 3-Parts for Members to Build Your Money Management Skills. 

LIVE Online Sessions


Enjoy monthly LIVE online sessions structured with financial education, money challenges, group budget check-ins, and Q&A. 

Budget & Bookkeeping Accountability


Easily keep track of your budget with your financial coach digitally using a secure personal money management portal, with automated budgeting capabilities. 

Money Mastery Resources


Deepen your PRO your money management skills 24/7, by using the Inspired Wealth Building Blocks, financial calculators, printable resources and other financial goodies available to all members. 


The Program Kicks off March 2024 

How will the 3-Month Free Trial Work?​

You must follow the two requirements to remain in the free trial. After the 3-month trial is over if you were satisfied with the program and want to continue you will receive a 50% discount for the first 3-months. If you have any question send us an email or book a call at the bottom of the page. 

What are the requirements for the 3-Month Trial?

  • You must attend at least 1 weekly session per month. 

  • You must submit a monthly spending and budget plan.

What’s included in the membership? 

  • 24/7 Access to Personal Online Money Management Portal & Wealth Building Blocks 

  • LIVE Money Boss Classes w/ Q&A (Online Financial Education)

    • LIVE Money Boss Class & Monthly Challenge - 2xs a month 

      • Fin Edu and Activity - 1st  Sun 

      • Budget Check-In Open - 3rd Sun 

  • (1) 45 Min 1-on-1 Budget Accountability Call Monthly 

    • Monthly Budget & Monthly Spending Analysis 

  • Savings & Debt Payoff Qrtly Report

  • Access to Group Videos Archives

  • Monthly Budget Templates & Worksheets

  • 15 Financial Calculators 

  • 15% off Inspired Finances Products & Services  

In this Membership You Will Benefit From: 

Let's Manage Our Money Like a Money Boss!

Special Discount Offer:

Enjoy 3-Months for FREE 

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Kayla Feagin MBA, CFEI

Nearly, everyone will have interactions with managing money in their lifetime. But, not everyone has wealth building money management skills. That's where I come in!


The Pro Money Boss Program is designed help you become the boss of your money by boosting your money confidence and transforming your regular money habits. 

Do you have burning questions before enrolling? 

Book a call and let's discuss any questions you have about the program. 

Let's Chat!

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Meet Your Money Boss Program Host

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