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The Force Behind Inspired Finances

Welcome to my world of financial empowerment and personal growth! 


I’m Kayla Feagin, the heart and soul behind Inspired Finances LLC. Raised in the lively Columbus, Ohio, I’ve always found myself at the intersection of creativity, numbers, and a good laugh. My journey in the financial realm is fueled by a passion to see others flourish, guiding them to take the reins of their finances with confidence and fulfillment. My hopes are to take you there, to have confidence and fulfillment. 

Kayla Feagin MBA, CFEI

My academic journey at Franklin University blessed me with a Bachelor's in Financial Management and a Master's in Business Administration. These degrees are great but they were just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to my financial education and personal growth. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and a Certified Associate Project Manager, I've been able to weave my expertise into my current role, managing budgets, legal contracting and operations for a prominent and remarkable company.

But my heart beats the loudest for Inspired Finances. 

At Inspired Finances, we dive into teaching financial workshops for organizations and offering personalized 1-on-1 coaching. What is our mission? To merge the power of financial knowledge with the principles of personal growth, to design a path for individuals to achieve their dreams and become the best versions of themselves.

As an author, my latest published workbook "5 Star Money Maintenance" breaks down financial concepts, making them accessible to all. Learn more about how you can have 5 Star Money Maintenance for your finances.

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Design Your 5 Star Money Maintenance Lifestyle

Grab Your Copy Today. 

My voice has reached many as an International Toastmasters Award-winning public speaker, where I blend education with inspiration, making the impact I passionately desire to make in the world. 

Through Inspired Finances, I'm not just sharing knowledge; I'm igniting a movement towards financial independence and profound personal growth.

Feeling inspired to work with Inspired Finances? Let's connect and embark on this transformative journey together.

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Every step of my journey, from my early inspirations drawn from heartfelt conversations with my grandfather Lawrence Feagin and my parents. After realizing the gap in financial education offered by traditional financial services, I carved my own path to offer something more, real-life financial concepts and strategies to build a wealth of wisdom to pass down to build generational wealth in families. This passion also birthed Inspired Youth Finance (IYF), aiming to equip our younger generation with the financial savvy they need for a successful future.

Today, as a Certified Financial Educator Instructor, I continue to share my knowledge and passion for financial and mental abundance. I truly believe that you can achieve the desires of your heart.


Join me, and let’s make financial freedom and personal growth your reality.!

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