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Financial Snapshot Evaluation

What is it? 

It is often referred to simply as a financial snapshot—a full picture comprehensive overview of your financial situation at a specific point in time. The evaluation provides a snapshot of your financial health while making commitments to pay off debt and save more money. 

This evaluation is not an online program. It is an online session with a financial expert performing your evaluation using the FSE pre-filled Excel workbook. 

Excel FSE Workbook (3).png

What can it do for you?

Place you in control of your money.

The FSE will help you accomplish 4 major areas with your money. 


Create awareness in your personal finances by diving deeper than you normally go.


Begin the process of effective budgeting by prioritizing monthly expenses and planning ahead.


Set a solid commitment to your goals for paying off debt and saving more money.


Create a wealth strategy for your future based on your goals that fits your lifestyle.

During the FSE Session we will cover 5 steps... 

STEP 1 - Determine Your Net Worth
STEP 2 - Access Your Monthly Expenses 
STEP 3 - Evaluate Income 
STEP 4 - Calculate Net Cash Flow 
STEP 5 - Set Debt & Saving Commitments. 

By the end of the session you will have a comprehensive snapshot of your current finances and a plan for to accomplish your goals.  

Hear From Our FSE Clients

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Andrea - FSE Client Testimonial

Andrea - FSE Client Testimonial

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Sufiy- FSE Client Testimonial (1)

Sufiy- FSE Client Testimonial (1)

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Newly Weds - FSE Client Testimonial (1)

Newly Weds - FSE Client Testimonial (1)

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In the Financial Snapshot Evaluation, you will meet online with financial expert Kayla. Together you will work with Kayla as she guides you in completing your first financial snapshot evaluation.


As you walk through the five steps, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify your financial understanding. 

After the session you will be equipped to repeat the process and perform your very own evaluation each quarter.

How to Take Your Financial Snapshot

(How to Get Started) 

#1. Register below. You will receive an email with instructions.

#2. Schedule your session. Book your 1-on-1 session with Kayla.

#3. Complete the pre-work. Submit your financial numbers.

#4. Enjoy the session! Bring a positive attitude and your money questions.

#5. Check-in 2-weeks later. Gain additional direction during your 2-week check-in call.

Know Your Numbers & Get Your Financial Snapshot Evaluation!

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Client Testimonials 

"I didn't have a clear plan to pay off my debt before meeting for the session. Now I have a plan to lower my debt and put away money to meet my savings goals."

Update: Darlene achieved her financial goal in less than 3 months!

Darlene - OH

Best Value

Financial Snapshot Evaluation Session



1-on-1 with Financial Expert

Valid for 2 weeks

Excel FSE Workbook

90 Min Online Session

20 Budget Tips Pdf

BONUS: Certificate of Completion

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